Ladies' fashion show - friday 9th february, 7pm MAIN Hall

QEGS are hosting a Ladies' Fashion Show in order to raise money for the netball tour in July to Barbados, and for the Sea Turtle Project with which the school are volunteering for whilst there. Clothes will be on sale at 75% off RRP. Tickets are £5 and available from school reception.    


Staff Directory

Teaching Staff

Mrs C Y Gammon, BSc

Deputy Heads

Dr C P Farmar, BSc, PhD

N H Vyse, MA  

Temporary Assistant Head (Data) - shared role
Mrs R Cox, BA & Mrs P Wild, BSc


CA    Ms C Airey
EA    Ms E Armstrong
ANA Miss A Ash, BA, MA [Deputy Head of Sixth Form]
AGB Mrs A G Bamber, Dip Sport Psych
BRB B R Bendell, BEng [Head of Year 8]
AMB Miss A M Berry, BA [Music]
TDB T D Birtwistle, BA [Art and Howard House]
ACB Miss A C Bowker, BA, MA
CDB C D Braime, BA
AB A Buckingham, B.Ed.
BMB B M Burton, BA, MA [Ethics and Philosophy]
SAB Miss S A Burton, BA, MA [Hawkins]
MEB M E Butler, BA, PhD [Physical Education]
SB S Butterworth
CMB Miss C M Byrne, BA
KDC K D Conefrey, BSc
LC Ms L Cookson
RSC R J S A Cordwell, BSc
SLC Mrs S L Courtney, B.Ed.
RJC Mrs R J Cox, BA [Head of Year 10]
GSC Mrs G S K Crane, BA
KMD Mrs K M Dadhiwala, BA [maternity cover]
VBD Mrs V B Dewhurst, BA [Librarian]
PF Ms P Fox
GF Mrs G Frost [SENCo]
JG J Garett
MG M Goodall
PLH Ms P L Halstead, BA
PTH P Hargreaves, BSc, MA [Head of Year 7]
JRH J R Hart, B.Ed. [Design Technology]
MDH M D Hindle, BSc [Head of Year 11]
IJ I Jardine
AVJ Miss A V Jones, BSc
KJ Dr K Jones, BSc, PhD
PNL P N Langley, BA
MAL Mrs M Lapinskas, BA
AJL Miss A J C Linley, BSc
MJL M J Lockwood, BA, MA [History]
SJM Miss S J McCreadie, LLB, BA [Raleigh]
LM Ms L Mallon [English]
AEM Mrs A E Mariner, BA
SAM Mrs S A J Martin, B.Ed.
JLM Mrs J L Mercado, BSc
LKM Mrs L K Mitchell, BA
DME D M Moriarty Eames, BSc [Head of Year 9]
KLO Mrs K L O’Donoghue, BA(Ed) [Deputy Head of Junior School]
DJP D J Peat, BSc, MSc [Biology Co-ordinator]
AP Miss A Pearson
EP Miss E Pearson
KLP Mrs K L Perkins, BA, MA
NJP Mrs N J Pratt, BA, MA [Grenville]
KJP Miss K J Presho, BA
JEP Miss J E E Purvis [Geography]
SNR S N Rafsha, BSc [Drake]
JDR J D Ranson, BA, MA
ANR Miss A N Rashid, BA
DNR D N Roocroft, BA, BSc [Timetabler]
AMR A M Rose, BA
JR Ms J Rushin
MWR M W Russell, BSc, MA [Head of Sixth Form]
HS H Sanderson [Computing]
ZMS Dr Z M Saunders, BSc, PhD [Chemistry]
JCS Mrs J C Simpson, BA
HVS Miss H V Singleton, BSc {Acting Deputy Head of Junior School]
SAS S A Smith, BSc
HGS Miss H Southwell, BA
HLS Mrs H L Southworth, BA [Head of Infant School]
RMT Mrs R M Tattersall, BA [Modern Languages]
PRT P R Taylor, BSc [Careers]
AJT Miss A J Thomas, BA [Complementary Studies]
HT H Tiffany
PLT P L Topping, BSc, MSc, [Mathematics]
BPV B P Ventress, BA [Gifted and Talented]
KMW Miss K M Walmsley, BA [Business and Economics]
PBW Mrs P Wild, BSc [Physics and Frobisher House]
RMW Miss R M Wildman, BA [Classics]
HRW Miss H R Wilkinson, BA


Mrs A Adam, NNEB (Blackburn College), CACHE

Mrs S Daji, BTEC

Miss M Denton [SEN Teaching Assistant]

Mrs L Derbyshire

Mrs N Dutton

Mrs C Fleming [SEN Teaching Assistant]

Mrs A Isap

Miss F Iqbal, BTECCACHE Level 3

Mrs S Mitha

Mrs S Musa [SEN Teaching Assistant]

Mrs M Patel

Mrs T Robertson 

Mrs E Walker, BA (Hons) Social Work
Mrs S Zahid [SEN Teaching Assistant]
Mrs Z Seedat [Sixth Form Student Support]



Brass              C Andrews

Drum               M Shorrock

Guitar              P Topping

Piano               Ms P Ferrarin

Piano               Ms S Westall

Strings             S Patefield

Vocal               Miss A I Swanson, BMus

Woodwind       Mrs R Watton



J Atkinson                                                       Caretaker
Mrs B A Burke                                                 Assistant Bursar
Mrs M D’John                                                  Deputy Heads’ PA
Mrs V Dewhurst                                              Librarian
M Farrer                                                          Design Technology Technician
A K Finney                                                      ICT Network Support Technician
Mrs T J Gallagher                                           Finance Administrator
J Gibson, BSc                                                 Science Technician
Mrs A Hallam                                                  Marketing & Admissions Assistant
Mrs V Hartley                                                  Attendance Officer
J Haslam                                                         Caretaker
L Hilton                                                            IT Technician
Miss S Turner                                                  School Receptionist
Mrs S Jensen, BSc                                         Science Technician
                                                                        Business & Finance Director
R Marshall                                                      Groundsman
Mrs E A Mashiter                                            Examinations Officer & Student Records
Mrs P Mercer, ACIM                                       Director of Marketing and Admissions
Mrs S Middlehurst                                           Science Technician
Miss L K Newton, BA                                      Head's PA
Mrs S J Parker                                                Cover Supervisor
                                                                        Payroll and Pensions Supervisor
M Peet                                                            Caretaker
M Redfern, MCIMSPA                                    Head Caretaker
Miss J T Smith                                                Reprographics Manager
D Sutton                                                          Catering and Cleaning Manager
Mrs V M Tighe                                                Junior/Infant School Receptionist
P Waddington                                                 Operations and ICT Systems Manager



Effective September 2017