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PE & Sport Premium for primary schools

Supported by the Sport Premium funding, we continue to place Physical Education, Games and Swimming as a high priority. Our children have access to many more sporting opportunities than typical in a primary school including swimming lessons for all pupils.


The £9,000 received in 2015/16 was used to enhance the delivery of high quality PE lessons with a focus on Gymnastics, Multi Skills and team games. The funding was instrumental in providing professional development; this included staff training, team teaching, an external coach - equivalent to two hours per week – and numerous resources. This now provides our children with excellent teaching and learning and enriches our extra-curricular activities.

All children have had the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions and/or those provided by Blackburn with Darwen School Games Team (BwDSGT). The children have taken much pleasure from the increased opportunities available due to the Sport Premium funding. They have a very positive attitude towards physical education, with an overwhelming majority enjoying sport. This is evidenced through the feedback from our children in the Infant and Junior School Council meetings.


A breakdown of the spending is as follows:

  Sport Premium 2015 - 2016      
  Initiative Cost Action Impact
IS & JS BwD School Games Team (BwDSGT): entry to all inter-school competitions in BwD. To access training & CPD for teaching staff. £850.00 IS & JS taken part in competitions: KS1 Multi Skills Festivals, KS1 Sportshall Athletics Festival, Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby, High 5's Netball, Boys' Year 5 & 6 Football, Years 3 - 6 Sportshall Athletics Competitions, BwD 7-a-side Football Tournament, BwD Primary School Chess League & Year 4 - 6 Cricket Matches. Access to wide variety of different sporting activities. Views of the IS & JS Council via recent external validation note the enjoyment that the children have gained from the increase in opportunities to engage in these activities. Opportunity to patake in  competitions with success including BwD Primary School Chess Champions 2015 - 2016. 3rd place in the Sportshall Athletics Competion Yr 5 & 6. Netball Finalists for High 5's Netball.
IS CPD for IS Staff £3,200.00 1/2 day curriculum support for one academic year with regards to Gymnastics Years 1 & 2: Lent. Years 1 & Reception Multi Skills lesson in the Trinity Term. Delivered by Kirsty Beaumont  via BwDSGT. Through observation/ team teaching, all IS staff competent in teaching these elements of PE Curriculum. All IS staff to deliver Gymnastics Lent Term using planning developed during this time. Trinity Term again all IS staff will deliver Multi Skills using training knowledge gained/ planning developed.
IS  & JS Playtime Sporting Activities £1,374.60 Purchase of PE equipment to use during breaktimes & lunchtimes at request of IS & JS School Council & Staff. Infant Tennis Set for Trinity PE for Multi Skills. Increased participation rates in outdoor activities using focussed games to develop successful interactions & gameplay. These skills will eventually be transferred to UPKS2 team games & competitions. Tennis set to enable students to learn new skills with a racquet sport - tennis.
IS CD compilation - for Dance element of PE Curriculum £67.00 CD compilation purchased enabling IS staff to teach all elements of Dance in line with topic areas studied in IS. Dance being successfully taught throughout KS1 this term - Michaelmas 2016 - alongside new planning developed with PE Coordinator & Dance Specialist.
JS Cricket Coaching JS £200.00 10 weeks of Cricket Coaching for JS. 6-a-side tournament at MGS & BwD Cricket Competition at Darwen. Year 5 &  6 Cricket Matches & JS Games curriculum improved. CPD for JS Staff in relation to cricket coaching though observation & team teaching.
IS & JS Signed up to ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) National Curriculum Swimming Charter £156.00 Implement & be one of the seven schools in the Lancashire area to be trained in the Swimming Charter pilot scheme. Thus improving swimming standards. Progress in Swimming monitored throught the attainment of badges throughout the ASA levels. All pupils enjoy and achieve in swimming.
IS & JS Spare Swimming Costumes £65.00 Purchase of school swimming kit through Grays School Uniform Supplier. Enables all children to participate in swimming lessons.
JS Medals & Certificates £100.00 To develop opportunities for intra-school competitions. Pupils compete across classes, Houses and Year groups in a range of different activities. This is linked to the BwD competition calendar to maximise impact and effect. Extra-curricular sport activity provision is of a high quality and delivered safely by appropriate staff and quality assured coaches. World Cup rugby Competion establised & intra-house competiitions in Cross-Country, Swimming, Football, Netball, Tag-rugby, Rounders & Cricket. A big emphasis has been placed on boosting competition in school. This had led to increased engagement & enjoyement in school sport.
IS & JS Equipment for PE lessons due to venue relocation £2,960.51 To allow staff to deliver quality lessons in a variety of locations, with suitable equipment to suit the age ranges taught. To ensure the lessons are conducted in a safe and productive environement. Access to resources has improved resulting in increased teacher time with pupils learning. Resources easy to access & store.
  TOTAL £8,973.11    
  SURPLUS TOTAL FOR 2016 - 2017 £26.89    



A similar spending pattern is being implemented this year, 2016/17. We have received £9,400.00. For 2016/17 we will add our Sport Premium grant action plan, details of expenditure, initiatives, actions, intended impact and impact measured.

  Sport Premium 2016 - 2017          
  Initiative Cost   Action Intended Impact Impact Measured July 2017
IS & JS Swimming Coach. To ensure the changing needs of the children joining us are met. Many join school having no experience of being in the water & lessons outside of school are limited for many of the children. £6,600.00   Mr Whiley to teach Infant & Junior swimming for the academic year. Children to work through proficiency badges. Progress monitored and assessments made. To increase pass rate of pupils in Rec - Year 6. Due to a change in cohort, it can no longer be taken for granted that the pupils' swimming lessons are supplemented with private lessons outside of school time. This enrichment to the curriculum in-house requires enhanced support in the teaching of swimming skills, as we now have a large number of pupils unable to swim across the key stages. Through levels achieved and targets set the children have all made excellent progress. The reception children have all met their targets of safely entering and exiting the water and water confidence. Years 1 and 2 are working towards swimming without aids. in Year 1 30% have achieved this and in Year 2, 75% have achieved this. in Year 3, 30 children can swim 10m unaided and 4 are able to swim 25m unaided. In Year 4, 37 children can swim 10m. in Year 5, 29 children can swim 25m. in Year 6, there are 30 children who can swim 25m in more than 1 stroke, 3 who can swim 25m in 1 stroke and 8 children who are working towards achieving 10m. By Year 6 the national average for children able to swim 25m is 45% we are currently hitting the target of 71%.
JS After school dance club £260.00   Claire Hardy a qualified Dance teacher delivers an after school dance club for any Year 5 and 6 pupils. They work towards the BwD Dance festival which is held annually at King Georges Hall. To increase physical activity. To work on all our basic fundamental movement skills. To develop our team work and co-operation. To express themselves musically and creatively. To have fun. Visible impact measured with the amazing performance at King Georges Hall. The children's performance showed amazing musicality and choreographed movement. The children also performed at the senior school 'Summer Concert'.
IS & JS Infant & Junior Playtime equipment. To improve selection of activities available to all the children to improve physical fitness. Also to engage pupils in positive & structured play during the lunch hour. £1,305.00 exc VAT Keter storage boxes of play equipment for each year group to be accessed by all children (those on rota for top pitch) every lunch time. Playground Leaders in Junior School will be trained by member of staff during a club to demonstrate, to younger pupils, best practice with the equipment. To improve playground cohesion and SMSC - Social - to enhance friendship groups through shared interests/ commonality. Focus on Behaviour for this academic year. When children are not in a club, the use of such equipment ensures that they are active and working with pupils of different religions, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Provision should improve cooperation skills and reduce conflict due to being unoccupied.   Reduced Sanctions imposed on pupils at Lunchtime due to less desirable behaviour. Less communication about negative behaviour between staff and Lunchtime Supervisors. Measure through demerits and email reports re feedback from staff.
IS  & JS TBC £1,235.00