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Business Studies

Business Studies

Business Studies is only offered at GCSE level. It is a two-year course for students in the Fourth and Fifth Year (Years 10 and 11), following the AQA syllabus.

The aim of the course is to provide students with an insight into the world of business. It is an ideal starting point for those interested in the wide range of business related careers now available. It also provides an excellent introduction for those interested in vocational careers, such as medicine, veterinary science, or dentistry. Indeed, it is an introduction into the working world for everyone.

A new GCSE Business Studies course was introduced by AQA starting in September 2009 for our Fourth Years (Year 10). This is AQA GCSE Business Studies 4133. There are three parts to the course; Starting a business, Growing a business, and a Controlled Assessment. The first two parts are examined and form 75% of the final mark. Full details can be found on the AQA web site.


Since 2008/09 we have been following the AQA A level course. The AS course is made up of two modules, one about Markets and Market Failure, the other about the UK National Economy. At A2 level there are again two modules; Business Economics and the Distribution of Income along with the UK and the Global Economy. At AS level the Market module is concerned primarily with microeconomics. The UK National Economy concentrates on macroeconomics. At A2 both modules include micro and macroeconomic components. All the modules are assessed by written examination. There is no coursework. The AS exam consists of two 75-minute papers, while the A2 exam is two 2-hour papers.

The aim of the course is to give students a knowledge and understanding of the world in which they are going to make their living. Some of the topics studied will form an invaluable foundation and introduction to the workplace. The subject also gives an insight into many issues facing our politicians and we would hope that those following the course become better citizens.

Many of our students go on to university to study Economics or related subjects such as Business Studies, Management and Finance. In recent years a number of our students have successfully completed the two-year course to pursue their studies in Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacology at university. We hope all of our students leave having gained real pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of achievement from their time studying this Nobel Prize subject.

Teaching style

Lessons for all years are a mixture of note taking, discussions and case studies. TV programmes and videos are viewed when appropriate. All students are encouraged to read quality newspapers and watch current affairs and business programmes on TV. Assessment of progress is carried out at regular intervals. Much emphasis is placed on the responsibility each student must take for their own work, especially the need to meet deadlines. Students do not complain about lack of homework!

Both Economics and Business Studies are taught in excellent facilities at Singleton House, the school’s Sixth Form Centre.

Beyond A Level

Each year a significant number of A Level Economics students from QEGS continue with Economics or business related courses at university. Those following Business Studies or Management report that the foundation of A Level Economics was excellent preparation for their courses (far more so than for those of their contemporaries who studied A Level Business Studies).