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  • To ensure that pupils take informed decisions at key moments of their education, so that they can fulfil their ambitions in school and meet the challenges beyond it.
  • By drawing extensively on the expertise of the school pastoral teams, the ‘VIA partnership’, to provide impartial advice, excellent work experience opportunities, first-rate resources and plentiful human contact to help all students feel confident to face the future.

The Department has established links with local business and industries through the work experience programmes run in years 10 and 12. Graduate recruitment data is central to the Lower Sixth careers module.

Careers Education and Guidance (CEG)

  • The key to assisting choice is the commitment to providing all pupils with pertinent information and discussion of next stage planning.
  • Two psychometric tests from Morrisby andCambridge Occupational Analysts form a sound backdrop against which pupils investigate AS, A2 Level and university choices.
  • Further prompting is provided by visits to careers conventions and a range of in-house events, several of which draw in parents to share in the process of choice. The armed forces’ liaison officers regularly visit the school.

In Years 7 and 8 we believe it is important to develop an awareness of pupils’ personal skills, abilities and qualities. Pupils have ready access to the Library, which is annually updated with books that help to interest younger pupils in the world of work.

Year 9 pupils are introduced to computer software that helps inform about the choices which must be made for GCSEs.

In Years 10 and 11 careers guidance becomes more personalised. To assist each pupil with planning, we use the Morrisby Profile. This consists of a questionnaire, psychometric test and feedback sessions with the Head of Careers or the pupil’s tutor. The advice, taken from the computerised profile of results, is of immense value and helps pupils to make informed decisions about the subjects to study in the Sixth Form.

Further advice may be sought from VIA and Connexions, whose officers come into school at the request of the Head of Careers. Pupils and parents attend “Sixth Form Choices” events that introduce post-16 opportunities. Vocational awareness and transferable skills are further practised at the end of year 10 when, all pupils go on work experience placements. These provide a valuable insight which support many applications to university later on.

During this time, “Services” liaison officers regularly visit the school to interview interested pupils.

In the Lower Sixth careers guidance gathers pace: curriculum time is given to preparation for UCAS and decision-making for Higher Education within the Complementary Studies course. Parents are invited to ‘UCAS A-Z’, to inform them about university choices and the admissions procedures. Throughout the year the Careers Room is a focal point for research, and the Head of Careers is available for interviews in the adjoining Careers Office. All Lower Sixth students are taken to a Higher Education Convention and a university Open Day and throughout the year several presentations from universities, the professions and former students help them with UCAS application and career decision-making. Students can participate in Venture, a three-week work experience project undertaken during the holidays.

In the Upper Sixth students complete their UCAS research using all the up-to-date resources in the Careers Room. On A2 Level Results Day the Careers team ensures all pupils are placed on university courses of their choice. Those who seek other careers are similarly helped. In 2013, 68% of all UCAS applicants from QEGS secured a place at their first-choice university.

Facilities and resources

The Careers Room is located in the Sixth Form Centre, Singleton House. At all times up-to-date information on a vast range of future options is provided there and in the main library. Much information is accessed from IT resources through networked and stand-alone computers. Full details of university open days, courses and events are publicised.

Formal curriculum allocation is in the Lower Sixth Form where all students are taught a minimum of 8 periods of CEG within the framework of their Yr 12 complementary studies programme. Provision for Yrs 7-11 and Yr 13, is run through the pastoral form period allocation and assemblies.

The Careers Office is open from 8.30am until 4.30pm on school days. The direct office ‘phone number is 01254 686300 Ex 608. There is an answerphone and fax machine on this line too. During periods of work experience, additional staffing ensures that lines of communication between pupils, employers, parents and school remain fully open.