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Main School Open Day will be held on Saturday 7 October between 9.30am and 1.30pm

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  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of History amongst pupils.
  • To cultivate a sense of the past through the knowledge of events, people, motives and outcomes.
  • To help pupils to develop an appreciation of how we gain knowledge about the past and perceive History in the context of a wider body of knowledge, vocabulary and skills.
  • To encourage open, enquiring minds and the development of informed opinions, supported by reasoned arguments.
  • To encourage the reading of serious historical literature.
  • To encourage and develop the skills of analysis, judgement and extended writing.

Academic Staff

There are three members of the department, all of whom are experienced and well-qualified subject specialists. All members of the department have at least a Master’s Degree in History.

Courses Offered

The syllabus taught by the Department covers the following areas:

  • Year 7 – English History 1066 – 1485
  • Year 8 – British History 1485 – 1830
  • Year 9 – The causes, conduct and consequences of the Great War 1914-18. The rise of National Socialism and the causes of the Second World War.
  • GCSE (Years 10/11) – Edexcel – Modern World History; the USA in the 1920s and 1930s; the Cold War; War and the transformation of British Society c.1931-51; Vietnam War 1950-75.
  • Lower Sixth (Year 12) – Edexcel – Italian and German Unifications; Britain 1830 – 1885.
  • Upper Sixth (Year 13) – Edexcel – Germany: From Kaiser to Führer, 1890-1945 and History of Modern Russia, 1856-1964.


The department has three dedicated teaching rooms, all of which are equipped with a computer and data projector. There is a wide range of audio-visual material in the department, some of which is available on the school’s intranet. In addition, past papers, mark schemes, syllabus materials and schemes of work are also available on the intranet.

The department makes full use of the internet, and recommends specific websites for courses. Lectures and radio programmes can also be downloaded from the History area. The department has a large range of textbooks, which are aimed at encouraging our highly-motivated pupils to get to grips with the richness of the subject. We specify reading from textbooks and expect research to be thorough and detailed. We set essays throughout the school, as we believe that extended writing is essential to the study of the subject, as well as for preparation for study at university.