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ART and DESIGN (Fine Art)

Key Stage 5


The full A-level qualification is delivered over two years. The course involves developing aesthetic and intellectual concepts through the use of traditional and/or digital media, materials, techniques and processes for the purpose of self-expression. The main disciplines within the subject are painting and drawing, sculpture, printmaking and lens based media and all pupils will develop a contextual understanding of art history both past and present.

The course is split into two units. Unit 1 is a personal investigation and is makes up 60% of the overall grade. This incorporates three major elements: supporting studies, practical work, and a personal study. All work produced throughout the course will become part of the portfolio submission. 

Unit 2 is the Externally Set Assignment which is worth makes up the remaining 40% of the overall grade. This consists of two major elements: preparatory studies and the 15–hour period of sustained focus. Preparatory studies comprise of a portfolio of practical and written development work based on an externally set theme. The Externally Set Assignment is released on 1 February and contains a theme and suggested starting points. Students have from 1 February until the commencement of the final 15–hour period of sustained focus to develop preparatory studies.