PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 




The main aim of the English curriculum is to provide all pupils with the means by which they can develop their ability to use and understand English. We aim not only to prepare pupils for examinations, but also encourage them to enjoy reading and to become confident in their use of English in a range of contexts.


Key Stage 5

At KS5, we offer the combined qualification, English Literature and Language. As part of this, students will study a range of literature texts (such as Frankenstein and Othello), as well as looking at short, non-fiction texts themed around the city of Paris. Students will develop their own creative writing skills through the study of the classic American novel The Great Gatsby, whereby they will have to recast the text in their own words from a new perspective.   

Facilities and Resources

The English Department is based in Queens Wing. All classrooms have data projection and the department has a wide range of literary resources and non-fiction resources, including a number of software programmes to aid understanding of reading and writing tasks.

Trips and visits

The English department has been involved in a number of trips and visits. Most recently, the renowned linguist David Crystal visited the school and spoke to both Year 12 and Year 13 students about his work and current developments in the field. Additionally, visits have taken place to watch performances of set texts at GCSE and A-Level, such as Dr Faustus. 

Extra Curricular

The English department offers a number of extra-curricular opportunities. A recent development is the department blog, where students from all year groups are able to draft and publish their writing.
Students interested in drama from across the school can become involved in the school productions, which take place twice a year. Recent shows have included The Importance of Being Earnest and Of Mice and Men.