PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 




• To help pupils acquire a systematic body of knowledge and understanding of Physics
• To help pupils appreciate that the concepts of Physics are constantly developing
• To stimulate pupils’ interest in Physics, so encouraging them to undertake further studies
• To encourage an understanding of technological applications of Physics and its importance as a subject of social, economic and industrial relevance.
• To continuously challenge pupils to encourage them to reach their full potential.


In Years 12 and 13 the AQA Physics A level is studied.

Facilities and Resources

• four laboratories and one preparation area,
• three fully equipped ICT laboratories used by both GCSE and A level classes,
• An extremely wide range of practical resources used to facilitate learning and to develop practical skills
• Class sets of data loggers are available for use in each laboratory along with the relevant software.
• Kerboodle and Google Classroom are available to all academic Years 7 to 13.

Trips and visits

• An annual Year 12 trip to CERN.
• An annual Year 12 trip to The Christie Hospital.
• Year 12/13 students are offered masterclasses run by Lancaster and Manchester universities.

Extra Curricular

• Revision classes for both KS4 and KS5.
• Outside speakers from University Outreach Departments come into school to give lectures at KS5.