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Head of Department: Mrs W L Askam

Why choose Psychology at A Level?

Psychology is the study of the mind and how it works, and of a wide range of individual and social behaviours – studying the subject at A Level will give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of these important and interesting matters.

Students will opt for the course for a variety of reasons

  • A “general interest“ AS / A2 subject which focuses on interesting issues
  • A subject which bridges the arts / sciences divide, keeping options open
  • A subject which is useful when applying to universities – whatever the chosen degree subject
  • A foundation for a degree course in Psychology and a career in a range of professions eg Law, Management, Marketing, Counselling, Education, Forensics, Criminal Justice, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Health and Social Care and Sports Psychology.

What does the Psychology course involve?

The AS course consists of two modules

Unit 1

  • Memory eg the accuracy of eye witness testimony
  • Attachment eg the effects of day care on aggression in young children.
  • Research Methods eg ethical issues in experiments

Unit 2

  • Stress eg personality factors as a cause of stress
  • Social influence eg explanations of why people conform & obey
  • Abnormality eg therapies used to treat abnormal behaviour

The A2 course consists of two modules

Unit 3

  • Topics in Psychology eg Aggression, Eating Disorders

Unit 4

  • Schizophrenia
  • The psychology of addictive behaviour
  • Research Methods

How will I study Psychology?

Students experience a range of learning activities including teacher presentations, note–making, source based work, student presentations, class discussion, marking exercises, social networking, independent study and flipped learning.

Visits to AS and A2 Psychology Conferences are designed to augment classroom practice and to act as a stimulus to further study.

How will I be assessed?

The course follows the AQA (A) specification

The AS course consists of two examinations (each worth 25% of the total A2 marks).There is no coursework component.

The A2 course consists of two examinations (each worth 25% of the total A2 marks). There is no coursework component.

What qualifications do I need to start the Psychology course?

There are no specific requirements, but B grade or better in both GCSE English and Mathematics are advantageous.

No prior knowledge of the subject is expected.

With what other subjects does Psychology fit?

It fits easily alongside all other subjects because it is a social science subject, bridging the arts / sciences divide. Our students come from a variety of other subject backgrounds, from Biology to Classics and “all points in between”.

How will an A Level in Psychology help me in my future life and career?

As stated above, an A Level in Psychology can be the starting point for a career within a specialist area of Psychology or can feature in a suite of A Levels forming the basis for application to university to study a range of courses from Medicine to Business Studies and a whole variety of subjects “in between”.

In addition to the academic benefits of studying Psychology, students find that the course enhances understanding of the thoughts and behaviours of both themselves and others, as well as helping with revision strategies and time management – a most valuable “by–product” of studying this challenging and intriguing subject!