PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Timetable For Decisions

Early October Open Evening

Open to existing QEGS students and those coming from other schools, this is an opportunity for students and parents to talk directly to Heads of Departments and other staff about the courses on offer. Current Sixth Form students are also on hand to give advice, and the Headmaster and the Head of Sixth Form give short presentations.

October Assemblies (internal candidates)
Presentations are made to those in the current Year 11 at QEGS by those departments who do not offer subjects at GCSE e.g. Economics, and Psychology.

November Preliminary choices (external and internal candidates)
We design our Sixth Form subject blocks from scratch each year to try and accommodate all students' combinations of subjects. In order to enable us to start construction of the Sixth Form subject blocks, you will be asked for an initial choice of subjects. This will not be binding on you, but bear in mind that some combinations of subjects may not be possible if not flagged up at this stage.

Mock GCSE exams
These will give you a firmer indication of which subjects you may wish to pursue at A-level.

February Fifth Form Parents' Evening (internal candidates)
At this, you and your parents can discuss with your subject teachers (and others) your suitability for your chosen subjects in the light of your mock results.

March 1st Firm choices (external and internal candidates)
At this stage, the Sixth Form subject blocks will be complete, and all applicants will be asked to confirm their subject choices. This information will be collated and lists sent to Heads of Department and Form Tutors. Any problem areas will then be discussed and parents contacted if necessary. After this, there will be further opportunities to review your choices but you will only be able to change subjects if set numbers and blocking arrangements permit. This is to ensure that set sizes remain manageable.

May to June GCSE/IGCSE examinations
August Examination results
If you wish to change your subject choices in the light of your exam results, you will need to see the Head of Sixth Form or the Deputy Head (Academic) on results day itself. While we will do our best to accommodate requests, the limit on set sizes means that it may not be possible for you to change subjects at this stage.