PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


School Day

The Timetable

The formal school day within the Infants begins at 08:40 and finishes at 15:30, a typical breakdown of which is below:

8.40 am Registration
8.50 am Phonics
9.10 am Period 1
10.10 am Break
10.25 am Assembly
10.45 am Period 2
11.50 am Lunch break
12.50 pm Registration
1.00 pm Period 3
2.00 pm Break
2.20 pm Period 4
3.20 pm Story time and Preparation for home
3.30 pm Home time
Children in the Reception Unit do not have specific playtimes each day. They can access the Reception outdoor area throughout the day and use is made of the adventure playground and other outdoor areas too. Key Stage One children have two break times. We have a store of small play equipment for children to use during playtimes. Please do not allow your child to bring toys into school, to avoid any damage, loss and subsequent upset to your child.
Fruit Snacks
In the Reception Unit the children have access to the classroom healthy 'snack bar'. The children are encouraged to prepare and chop the fruit and vegetables before enjoying them during the day. Year 1 and Year 2 are also provided with a free healthy fruit snack at playtime.
QEGS Infant School attempts to be a nut-free environment where possible.
Up until the day that the Reception children turn 5, they are entitled to free school milk. After this date parents have the option of continuing to receive milk for their child, throughout the Infant School, at a cost. This will be a chargeable service through ''. Whether your child is eligible for free milk or you wish to purchase milk, you must register your child with the Cool Milk Company.
Water Bottles
Children are actively encouraged to drink water at school. This helps to keep children adequately hydrated, alert and ready to learn. We have water fountains for the children to use any time they wish. We also advise that children may bring either a 250ml or 500ml water bottle to school. These bottles should be clear plastic, named and have sports tops to avoid spills. Whilst we allow children to top up and refresh their bottles during the day at the water fountain, we ask parents to be responsible for replacing and refreshing the bottles.
Infant children have their breaks and lunch at different times from the Junior and Senior School. Lunch for the Infants is served within the 'Big School' dining room.
The Reception class children have a red lunchtime apron as part of their school uniform requirements. This is so that our children can enjoy lunchtimes without worrying about the occasional spill onto their uniform!
A three-week rotational menu is sent home for parents to choose from alongside their child. The menus contain a wide choice and variation and makes possible catering for special dietary requirements. All meals are prepared, cooked and served by the school catering service.
There is always a hot meat and a vegetarian option, alongside sandwiches, jacket potatoes and hot or cold dessert or fresh fruit. We encourage children to be adventurous (obviously within any dietary requirements they may have!) and to try new things.
However, whilst being encouraged to try, we never force children to eat. We do not allow lunchtimes to become a daily hassle for children with little appetite or a restricted palate. This is unhelpful and can be damaging to children. We try very hard to give mealtimes a pleasant, family atmosphere. If we do encounter any problems or worrying patterns of behaviour with your child during lunchtimes, you will be informed immediately.
We have special Welfare staff assigned to the Infant children at lunchtimes.
Wrap-around Care
QEGS operates an extended hours service, for which there is a charge, called Q-Plus, to help working parents.
We are able to offer a "Breakfast Club", which offers a warm and friendly drop off point from 7.45 am. Your child will be escorted to the dining hall in Big School where they will be able to choose from a variety of breakfast options to include fruit juice, cereals, fruit and yoghurts and cheese on toast. After breakfast they will be escorted to Infant School, replenished and ready to start the day. This service is currently only available for children aged 4 – 12.
As part of Q-Plus, the School also offers an "After School Club" which provides flexible collection arrangements for parents who need to work late or find that meeting their children from school to be too much of a rush. The children are picked up from the relevant department by club staff and escorted back to Q-Plus where they can enjoy a snack, a range of activities and/or commence their homework.
If this is something that you may be interested in, please call Mrs Tighe on 01254 686311 for more details and for payment information.