Ladies' fashion show - friday 9th february, 7pm MAIN Hall

QEGS are hosting a Ladies' Fashion Show in order to raise money for the netball tour in July to Barbados, and for the Sea Turtle Project with which the school are volunteering for whilst there. Clothes will be on sale at 75% off RRP. Tickets are £5 and available from school reception.    


Infant Staff

Head of Infant School:                        Mrs H Southworth (Head of Key Stage 1)                                                      

Reception Teacher:                             Mr R Hoult

Reception Teacher:                             Miss A R Pearson

Year 1 Teacher:                                  Mrs G S Crane

Year 1 Teacher:                                  Miss K Presho

Year 2 Teacher:                                  Miss C M Byrne

Year 2 Teacher:                                  Mrs H Southworth

Support Staff:                                     Mrs K Taylor, Mrs A Adam, Mrs A Isap, Mrs S Daji,
                                                         Mrs L Derbyshire, Mrs N Duttton, Mrs M Patel, Mrs S Mitha

Office Manager:                                  Mrs V Tighe                                                           

Swimming Staff:                                 Mrs A Bamber