Sports Awards Presentation Evening 2018

Held on Wednesday 25th April at Blackburn Rovers Football Club. Get your tickets now from any PE member of staff!

Infant Staff

Head of Infant School:                        Mrs H Southworth (Head of Key Stage 1)                                                      

Reception Teacher:                             Mr R Hoult

Reception Teacher:                             Miss A R Pearson

Year 1 Teacher:                                  Mrs G S Crane

Year 1 Teacher:                                  Miss K Presho

Year 2 Teacher:                                  Miss C M Byrne

Year 2 Teacher:                                  Mrs H Southworth

Support Staff:                                     Mrs K Taylor, Mrs A Adam, Mrs A Isap, Mrs S Daji,
                                                         Mrs L Derbyshire, Mrs N Duttton, Mrs M Patel, Mrs S Mitha

Office Manager:                                  Mrs V Tighe                                                           

Swimming Staff:                                 Mrs A Bamber