PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 




Effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. We undertake two different but complementary types of assessment: assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

Assessment for learning (formative assessment) involves the use of assessment in the classroom to raise pupil achievement. It is based on the idea that pupils will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, where they are in relation to this aim, and how they can achieve the aim (i.e. to close the gap in their knowledge). Assessment of learning (summative assessment) involves judging pupils' performance against the national standards. We expect standards here to be significantly higher than the national ones, of course. Teachers may make these judgements at the end of a unit of work, of a year, or of a key stage. 

Our children are assessed every half term and are given targets to work towards throughout the academic year. At the end of the school year there are examinations and Year 6 take the national SATs.

There are termly Parents' Evenings to discuss progress and a formal detailed report is provided at the end of the school year. Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Head of the Junior School or their child's class teacher at any mutually agreeable time should they have any concern about any aspect of their child's education.

Key Objectives - letter

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