Come and Celebrate With Us

~~~Sports Awards Evening~~~

Wednesday 26th April at Ewood Park

Tickets £13 available from any member of the PE Staff

This is always a popular event so book your place early!


The children are expected to take pride in their appearance. Hair must be clean and tidy. It must be of a reasonable and generally even length and retain an even, natural colour.

Boys' hair must not be on or below the collar or obscure vision. Girls' long hair must be fastened back with a school scrunchie. Necessary hairbands or slides should be plain navy, black or ones that tone in with the colour of the hair.
No jewellery is permitted other than a wrist watch. Earrings are also not allowed. Ears should not be pierced just prior to or during term-time.
Please ensure that every item of your child's uniform is clearly labelled with their name. If items are named we can quickly return them to their rightful owner; if not, then we are afraid we cannot guarantee their safe return. Please refer to the uniform lists should you require further clarification as to correct uniform. In addition, your child will require a blue overall for Art, DT and some lunchtime clubs.
Grays of Blackburn supply all the uniform that your child needs.