PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Extra-curricular activities

All extra-curricular activities take place at lunch time or occasionally after school. At the beginning of each term the children select which club they wish to attend. These are entirely optional but very popular with our pupils. A wide choice is available – art, athletics, choir, cricket, football, ICT, orchestra and swimming are some of our current activities. We have some thriving Junior School teams who play matches against local schools and other independent schools in the North West region.


Once per term each class will take part in an educational visit to a place of interest which complements the children's studies. Every Christmas the children go to the theatre. In Year 6, following their SATs examinations, the children go on a residential activity holiday. Before any visits take place the necessary risk assessments are, of course, carried out.

Occasionally, guest speakers are invited into school or special workshops take place for specific year groups or the entire Junior School.