Great Expectations Part One - Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December 2017.  Start time 7.00pm.

Tickets on sale from Main School reception now.

"Join us for the first half of an epic journey through the greatest story ever told. The tale of Pip, Charles Dickens' mighty "Great Expectations" will straddle the two ends of this academic year. Part One of this two-part adaptation will be performed next week on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December in the Main Hall at 7pm. (Please note the earlier than usual start time). Part Two will form our Trinity Term drama production in July 2018. Lose yourself in the interlocking destinies of some of the most celebrated characters in English Literature, brought to life by a huge and eclectic cast drawn from students in every year group in the school and with a record number of teaching staff mining their thespian talent! This promises to be a very special evening of live theatre."

Medical matters


To ensure the smooth running of the Junior School and the safety of all children, parents are asked to inform school before 09:00 if their child is to be absent. Please telephone Mrs Tighe on 01254 686311 each day your child is absent. On return to school, the child should bring a signed note from their parent explaining the cause of absence. For the welfare of all children, parents should notify school immediately if their child is suffering from an infectious illness, or has been in contact with a serious infection. If your child is required to miss P.E. or Swimming for an illness-related reason, please put this in writing for your child's class teacher to inform the P.E. and Swimming staff. All pupils are expected to swim unless a Doctors note is provided. It will otherwise be assumed that your child is fit to attend these lessons. Absence from school for any reason other than illness is not allowed without obtaining prior written permission from the Headmaster.

ILLNESS (whilst at home)

Pupils should not be sent to School in the first instance if they are ill. Parents must leave a message with Reception and, on the pupil's return, supply a note for the Form Tutor. Any of the 'norovirus' symptoms (vomiting/diarrhoea) should mean that pupils are kept at home for 48 hours so infection of other pupils is kept to a minimum. Similarly pupils who have had a temperature should be kept away for at least one fever-free day.

ILLNESS (whilst at school)

If your child becomes ill or injured whilst at school there are qualified first aiders on the staff within the Junior School who will attend to any minor ailment. We will however contact you on your emergency contact number to collect your child if we feel they should go home. Therefore, it is essential that all emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.


We are unable to administer non-prescribed medicine to pupils. If your child needs to take any doctor prescribed medication during the school day, please ensure that you complete a Medicine Consent form from Mrs Tighe in the office. A member of Senior School staff will administer the medicine to your child as per your instruction, detailed on the form. Please remember to collect your child's medication from Mrs Tighe at the end of the school day.


Head Lice are an unfortunate but occasional fact of school life! We have a particularly stringent policy regarding head lice and fortunately, occurrences here are rare. A child will be sent home for treatment if head lice are found. If you do notice eggs or lice in your child's hair, please treat them immediately and inform your child's class teacher. A standard note will go home to all children, advising parents to check their own child and treat if necessary.