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Infant & Junior News

Swimming Gala : Wednesday, 15th March 2017



82 pupils represented their Houses at the annual Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala. With every pupil swimming at least twice, they all accumulated points for their own Houses. Each pupil swam in at least one traditional stroke race and then enjoyed the fun of the ‘Seahorse Race’ or the ‘Bits and Pieces Race’. The traditional races culminated in finals, with the pupils challenging each other to win trophies and medals. In the frontcrawl and backstroke races, Yasmin Nightingale was crowned the 2017 champion, and in the breaststroke, Sebastian White came out on top. This year there were also inter-form competitions with Joseph Parkinson 5T, Alayana Ahmed 5T, Sebastian White 6C and Yasmin Nightingale 6W winning gold.

The overall House results were as follows:

1st Howard 127 points

2nd Drake 125 points

3rd Hawkins 108 points

4th Grenville 89 points

5th Raleigh 74 points

6th Frobisher 70 points