This takes place on Saturday 18th November.  If you have a child currently in Year 6 and have applied to the Local Authority for a place at QEGS for September 2018, your child needs to sit this assessment.  You will have received notification of the allotted date and time to bring your child into school, providing you have also completed the QEGS online application form - as per the Local Authority School Admissions booklet.

Please ring 01254 686300 if you need any further information.

Infant & Junior News

Easter At The Junior School

Easter was celebrated in many different ways at the end of last term.  Firstly, Mrs O’Donoghue led an assembly explaining the Easter story and its origins; she went on to describe the customs that take place at this time around the world. During the latter half of the day, the pupils took part in a fun-filled Easter afternoon, where pupils took part in a variety of egg-citing activities!

Pupils prepared for this event by creating a ‘blown egg’ at home to bring in to school.  At school they then added elaborate decorations using paint, some even morphed into animals!  Pupils worked hard, thinking carefully about their designs, before creating their finished product.  The results were very impressive.

Other activities in the afternoon included an Easter Quiz, furthering their understanding about how Easter is celebrated in different countries and also taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt.   The Easter Egg Hunt saw one lucky winner receive a chocolate Easter egg! It is evident that the pupils had a splendid day.