PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Infant & Junior News

Year 3 visited Brockholes Nature Reserve to link with our Science and Geography studies

In Science, Year 3 have been learning all about plants. At Brockholes the pupils got to explore the types of wildlife that grow in this area and learn about the things they need to thrive. They looked at how bees help flowers with the pollination process. They also examined how seeds are dispersed and what they need to germinate in order for them to grow into new, healthy plants.

During the Geography workshop, they split into groups to compare their map-reading skills. It was tricky using a compass but they soon got the hang of it! The pupils had to study the map carefully to work out which would be the best route to reach the destination. 

Once they arrived there, they hunted for the different features that were shown on the maps.  They then got the opportunity to get creative as each group constructed their own 3D map, made out of the resources found in the woodland! 

To top off the fantastic day, the sun shone throughout and we were lucky enough to have a picnic and play on the adventure area. Many of the pupils have said they would ask their families to go to Brockholes so they can teach them some of the things we learnt on our trip!