PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Infant & Junior News

Year 1 Visit Cuerden Valley Park

On Monday, 18th September forty very excited Year 1 pupils set off on their first trip to Cuerden Valley Park. The pupils were keen to begin their exciting Science work in their Nature Journals.

We arrived at the park and were greeted by the volunteers who took us into a classroom to give us a health and safety talk before we set off. This was very important to make sure we all knew how to keep safe!

We split off into two groups and began our enthralling nature work. Miss Presho’s class headed straight for the ponds where we found a huge array of aquatic mini-beasts. Meanwhile, Miss Tiffany’s class adventured deep into the woods to find other creepy crawlies lurking among the trees and rocks. After a while, we swapped activities and continued our search for mini-beasts.

After lunch we headed out on a bear hunt! We listened to the story written by Michael Rosen, ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’, before heading out into the woods to find bear food, create a bear den and, most importantly, find the sleeping bears!

It’s safe to say that our Year 1 children are turning into excellent nature detectives!