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Infant & Junior News

Kiyham Mitchell Receives Head Of Junior Award

Kiyham Mitchell (3S) received the Head of Junior School Award on Friday, 24th February.

“Kiyham has been trying his absolute hardest in all aspects of school.  His polite attitude around school has frequently been noted.  Kiyham has been observed holding doors for others and greeting staff with a bright and breezy ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon’; he even offers to help ca...

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Alfie Thomas Receives Head Of Junior School Award

Alfie Thomas (3T) received the Head of Junior School Award at the end of half-term.

“Alfie is consistently polite to his peers and teachers. He aims high in all that he does, approaching even the toughest challenge with a positive attitude.  He is always kind and friendly. He certainly makes every day at QEGS a sunny one!

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It's Christmas Again!


Children in the Junior School are taking part in the Royal Mail Christmas Stamp Competition to design the official stamps for Christmas 2017.

There are great prizes both for individuals and for the school.

The photo shows work in progress.....Good luck everyone!

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Head of Junior School Award

Harry Wood (form 4O) received the Head of Junior School’s Award last Friday, 3 February.  “He is consistently ‘living the Values’ of QEGS Junior School,” said Miss Rushin.  His teachers report that he is exceptionally polite and helpful.

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Year 2 Make New Friends In Westhoughton

Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have participated in RE exchange visits with Sacred Heart RC Primary School, Westhoughton.

We visited Sacred Heart to learn all about Christianity and find out what it means to be a Christian.  We learned some new prayers, found out about different symbols and took part in a collective worship.  It was very interesting learning about what happens in a Church!

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