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Infant & Junior News

Great Artists Through Time Trip to the Lowry

On Wednesday, 23rd November, year 5 went on a trip to The Lowry in Manchester as a part of their Art topic ‘Great Artists through time’.


The pupils had a fantastic time learning about L.S Lowry and his life. After taking a walk through the gallery and looking at the different types of art work that Lowry had produced, they felt inspired to replicate his style by using techniques such stippling and cross hatching in order to create tex...

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Year 4's Roman Adventures!

Year 4 pupils enjoyed a visit to the Ribchester Roman Museum earlier this half-term. This trip supplemented their studies in History and truly brought this period of history to life!

They experienced Roman life first-hand, investigating real-life artefacts and dressing up as Roman soldiers in armour. We all enjoyed learning more about life in Roman Britain and exploring the museum.

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Congratulations Isabel!

Isabel Velutheppilly, 6W, received the Head of Junior School Award on Friday for demonstrating respect, responsibility and leadership.

“These are qualities that we are keen to promote in our pupils and I was thrilled when Mr Whall came to speak with me in order to nominate Isabel,” explained Mrs O’Donoghue.  “During the Achievement Assembly on Friday, I asked Isabel to come to the front of the audience whereby we discussed ...

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Diwali Celebrations in Infant School

The Infant School children have learnt how Diwali is celebrated by Hindus in India and all around the world.


They were able to experience different aspects of the religion through rotating around different classrooms.


The children have had a fantastic time learning about the Hindu festival and made lanterns, diwa lamps, mendhi patterns, decorating masks of Rama, Sita and the Golden deer.

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Anti-Bullying Work in Junior School

As part of their work on Anti-Bullying Week, the children in Junior School enjoyed a thought-provoking assembly on the theme of 'What makes a good friend?'

A short Pixar film, 'For the Birds', opened up discussions about being different and how this may sometimes lead to unkind behaviour and children feeling left out. Following this, Miss Singleton flipped things around and, instead of focussing on the negative, looked at all the positive behaviour we h...

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