PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Infant & Junior News

Junior School and Infant School Lent Term Ramble

I was overwhelmed to see the fantastic turnout at Sunday’s Lent Term Ramble.

Despite the weather being unpleasant and the ground being a little treacherous underfoot everyone remained in good spirits.   It was lovely to chat with many of you in the informal setting of Brockholes Nature Reserve.  

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Head of Junior School Award

Aaminah Patel 6W received the Head of Junior School Award on Friday, 3rd March.

“Her unfaltering approach to aim high at school and be the best that she can be is commendable.  Aaminah is always keen to support her peers and teachers; she is a highly capable and responsible member of our Junior School.  She is a deserved winner of the award this week.  Well done, Aaminah....

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Emily's In The Grey!

What a fantastic find for Year 1 pupil, Emily Short, who is now the proud owner of an ultra rare GREY nose!

The chance of finding one of these 'Francinose' designs is, we believe, 1 in 900, so this was truly a lucky find for Emily.

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Kiyham Mitchell Receives Head Of Junior Award

Kiyham Mitchell (3S) received the Head of Junior School Award on Friday, 24th February.

“Kiyham has been trying his absolute hardest in all aspects of school.  His polite attitude around school has frequently been noted.  Kiyham has been observed holding doors for others and greeting staff with a bright and breezy ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon’; he even offers to help ca...

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Alfie Thomas Receives Head Of Junior School Award

Alfie Thomas (3T) received the Head of Junior School Award at the end of half-term.

“Alfie is consistently polite to his peers and teachers. He aims high in all that he does, approaching even the toughest challenge with a positive attitude.  He is always kind and friendly. He certainly makes every day at QEGS a sunny one!

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