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Infant & Junior News

Mad Science

The children in Infants and Juniors had a crazy introduction to the amazing world of Mad Science today.

The lively and interactive demonstrations taught the children about a variety of scientific concepts. These included: using a giant bin with a hole in it to describe how our lungs are like an air vortex; how differences in surface area mean that they would rather be stood on by a baby elephant than a...

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Book early!

On Tuesday,  Junior School celebrated World Book Day because the timetable  would have made celebrating the occasion on the official day, Thursday, difficult. 

A fun time was had by all as the children dressed up as famous book characters, even the teachers joined in! Normal English lessons were cancelled and each Year group took part in an exciting book based activity. The day concluded with a very special story time. This was an opportunity for the teache...

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Fire Fire!

Visit from the Fantastic Firefighters

Year 2 were thrilled to have a visit from the fabulous Firefighters on White watch from Blackburn Fire station, especially on the 5th of November, Bonfire Night! The firefighters taught us all about how to be safe with matches, lighters, fireworks and other items that can be dangerous.

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