PLease remember that school is closed on 9th february for an inset day. term resumes on monday 19th february. 


Library News

Library- Festive Fun

Towards the end of the Michaelmas term, the library held a very festive book and gift sale - including the ever-popular lucky dip, handmade crafts and a secret book Santa. The sale managed to raise £35 for the charity

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National Non-Fiction Month

National Non-Fiction November is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ annual celebration of all things factual. Born out of National Non-Fiction Day, the whole month now celebrates all those readers that have a passion for information and facts and attempts to bring non-fiction celebration i...

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We were delighted to welcome back to QEGS poet/author Paul Jenkins on Thursday 28th September. The day started off with Paige Feast from Year 7 sharing some of her poetry in assembly - then moving onto workshops for Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10. Those students who didn't have the opportunity to work wi...

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Cake-decorating event for Roald Dahl Day 2017

This year for Roald Dahl day we decided to run a cupcake decorating competition - the various delicious toppings were related to the themes of some of Dahl's famous books, with the book 'Even More Revolting Recipes' being well used to help with some decorating ideas. Those who took part (over 75 stu...

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