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World Book Day with visiting author, Professor David Crystal OBE : linguist • writer • editor • lecturer • broadcaster

The Fascinating World of English Language shared with both students and staff on World Book Day 2017. 

World renowned linguist Professor David Crystal delivered two lectures during our celebrations on the recent World Book Day; Txtng and English Grammar, to schools within Blackburn with Darwen including schools wider afield.  

David Crystal was the perfect author to have in school on this special day in the literary calendar.  David's passion for language is so inspiring and his vivacious delivery gave students an unparalleled experience.

The event not only celebrated World Book Day but also benefitted AS/A Level students enormously with their English studies.  Feedback from attendees has been amazing - David really did inspire everyone, both students and staff alike. 

It was a packed afternoon of seriousness as well as a little humour - a Q&A session, a book sales and signing session with lots of books being bought - who says children don't read anymore?!  

During the afternoon we were constantly reminded of David's witty and engaging delivery style which, though very thorough, was easily digestible for everyone in attendance.  David was able to interact with students, helping them to become even more aware of the issues surrounding language today and managed to exemplify his points by providing examples relatable for his audience.

This was truly an amazing experience for everyone involved and I am sure a most memorable one.

V Dewhurst

Head of Library

Prof Crystal 1


“A splendid day, and very well organised.” B. Lead - retired English teacher : QEGS


 “On Thursday 2nd March we had the privilege of attending a lecture by Professor David Crystal OBE in the Main Hall. We received two talks from him; one on the importance of texting, and how abbreviated language has evolved; and another talk on grammar, specifically the significance of active and passive sentences.  Several other schools joined us to commemorate World Book Day with this unique and insightful lecture on the topic of linguistics.  In closing, we had the opportunity to partake in a Q&A session, where we could pick the brains of this linguistics expert.  We would all like to thank Mrs Dewhurst for organising this fabulous event, as it made World Book Day 2017 truly memorable.”  Students studying English QEGS Sixth Form


 “Fantastic event! I really enjoyed the first session on texting."H. Southwell – NQT/English teacher QEGS. 


“There was a lovely atmosphere, and full house.  At the end, pupils were certainly very upbeat about the whole experience.”  N. Vyse – Deputy Head (Pastoral) : QEGS


 “Our A Level English students got a lot out of this event and I am so pleased that they bought some of David’s books to enrich their studies.”Z. Tinsley – Head of English, Scarsbrick School


“QEGS - thank you very much for organising this – it was a great event and I’m sure our pupils will have got a lot out of it.  It makes me wish that my own Sixth Form College had offered English Language A-Level, as I found it fascinating. Once again, a massive thank you.”   A. Bissett - Head of English, St Wilfrid's CofE Academy 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon lecture.  David was amazing and incredibly interesting!  So pleased that I could make it, thank you.  You did a brilliant job organising everything, as usual.  Your library and the events you organise are a credit to you.”  C. Fleming : SEND QEGS


"With such a high profile author I expected nothing less than what he delivered on the day - a fantastic event and opportunity for all involved."  F Verner - retired English teacher : QEGS


 “Thank you for all your hard work organising this, it was well worth it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the talk on grammar, it was so interesting and so well presented, I could have listened for a lot longer.  Thank you too for getting my daughter’s book signed, she was very happy.  Think I may have to invest in a few more!"  G. Frost SEND QEGS


 A really excellent event – and helping to put QEGS on the map!”  Dr C. Farmer Deputy Head (Academic) QEGS


 “I thought Professor Crystal's talk yesterday was great! Having studied him at A-Level as well as university, it was great to see him in the flesh.

Professor Crystal's updated lecture resonates as much now as when he originally published his article ten years ago.  His matter-of-fact delivery and relatable tone resonated with the youthful audience, disarming any sceptical preconceptions they may have had with humour and warmth.  Crystal's wizardly appearance does not necessarily scream 'fun!' but his talk of acronyms and Twitter struck the students with an uncanny omniscience; he has them figured out and they knew it.  I certainly felt humbled in the presence of the pre-eminent linguist whose books I got to know so well during my student years.'   R. Cornwall – English teacher QEGS.