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A Celebration Of Reading - June 2017


This year because of so many awards in the library, which of course needed to be celebrated, we decided to host a Celebration of Reading event – and my goodness what a success that was!

The session included awards for:

Accelerated Reader: Champion School award.

Accelerated Reader: Reading Millionaires and STAR Readers.

Yr8 Pupil Librarians who have now completed the 3 stages of the training programme.

Successful Yr7 pupils who will become our new team of Yr8 Librarians in September.

QEGS Carnegie Shadowing Group who have shadowed the prestigious book award for the past 12 weeks.

And, last but not least, all those pupils who have helped in some way or other in the library this year, all deserving to be recognised.

Special thanks to:

Suha Mehmood Yr13 who created a beautiful presentation, highlighting all the book reviews pupils had submitted for the

Carnegie Book Award. These reviews will be displayed at Blackburn Central Library over the summer.

Members of our English Department for their kind support.

Yr8 Pupil Librarians who helped to design posters and bunting. Thanks also to Owen Hardman and Rowan Abbott who put the amazing slideshow together (a multitude of photos from all the events which have taken place this year in the library.)

Miss Janette St. Jean (former Head of English here at QEGS) who came to wish us well.

Mrs Alison Turner who supported us during the shadowing of the Carnegie Book award.

Our catering team for generously supplying us with treats and juice,

Peters Suppliers for their lovely gifts of books, posters, bookmarks, activity packs and badges.

Here’s some delightful feedback from pupils, staff and visitors who attended:

“There were many awards to collect, I was awarded 3 different prizes; Yr7 new Pupil Librarian, STAR Reader and Library Helper.”

Tyson Donnelly Yr7


“The event went very well, with lots of book talk and lots of fun with my peers.”

Gohan Donnelly Yr7


“I knew Mrs Dewhurst liked my recent Yr8 Pupil Librarian application, she told me so several times. But I never knew that we would have such a lovely reading celebration – thank you.”

Jessica Fellows Yr7


“I collected 3 awards – I really hope this event happens again.”

Kenny Conroy-Hargreaves Yr8

“I was awarded the Pupil Librarian award, STAR Reader and the Carnegie award – quite a proud moment. Although my Yr8 Pupil Librarian training has now ended, I hope to continue to offer my help in the library in Yr9 ”

Owen Hardman Yr8

“I came to collect 3 awards; Pupil Librarian Gold award, Carnegie award and the Reading Millionaire award. I enjoyed the celebration very much – I hope we can do this again next year.”

Rowan Abbott Yr8


“I had the Reading Millionaire award to collect and the Pupil Librarian award, I am very proud of my awards.”

Ella Hardman Yr8


“I was surprised to receive 2 awards, Reading Millionaire and STAR Reader – thank you.”

Arif Demir Yr 8


“Good luck – sorry I cannot be with you, but just to say….I have once again thoroughly enjoyed shadowing the Carnegie Book award.”

Suha Mehmood Yr13


“Brilliant work, they all looked as though they were having a really good time.” Mrs. Denton – SEN Teaching Assistant


“This was a really good idea. I was delighted to see a good mixture of pupils celebrating, across all Year groups and abilities.”

Mr. Smallridge – Head of English QEGS

“As I climbed up the stairs to QEGS library, a rush of nostalgia came over me as I watched the children waiting eagerly for their coveted 'Reading A Million Words' certificates, a literacy project that started up a few years ago as a joint venture between myself, previously Head of English and Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Library. Mrs Dewhurst and I recalled old times and commented fondly on the plethora of pupils who been inspired by the quality of books available and guiding forces of their Librarian and  English teachers. It is gratifying to know, that despite all the distractions of modern technology, that a school library still continues to be a major contributor in the raising of literacy standards in the school curriculum.” J. St. Jean – previous Head of English QEGS

“This year I was very pleased to be invited into QEGS to introduce the Carnegie Medal Book Award short list to a number of very excited students. I was impressed by the enthusiasm the students had for reading and the support given by the school library was evident. Without good reading skills, young people will be disadvantaged throughout school and beyond and having worked with high schools across Lancashire for several years I have seen the proof that good readers go on to be successful in further and higher education. Therefore, to celebrate and encourage those students who are good readers and more so, enjoy reading, should be an annual event. Reading is rarely rewarded…unlike sports …in many schools and so to hold a Celebration of Reading to thank and reward those students who have a passion of reading must be celebrated throughout the school by staff, students and Governors alike.”

A.Turner – Chair, Lancashire Librarians Network


“Amazing – a showcase of literacy which we MUST always shout about and MUST always award!” F. Verner, retired teacher of English QEGS


“A celebration of literacy – all things good. Keep going!” author Cathy Cassidy


Celebrating reading is really important as it supports encouragement and showcases students achievements. The way in which QEGS has celebrated this year and for so many students, providing prizes and much fun, is to such a high standard. QEGS is a credit to the School Library profession.”

Librarian, St Wilfrid’s, Blackburn


“The hard work paid off – well done to everyone at QEGS on this splendid reading celebration. We look forward to seeing you next year.” Blackburn Central Library


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