This takes place on Saturday 18th November.  If you have a child currently in Year 6 and have applied to the Local Authority for a place at QEGS for September 2018, your child needs to sit this assessment.  You will have received notification of the allotted date and time to bring your child into school, providing you have also completed the QEGS online application form - as per the Local Authority School Admissions booklet.

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General News

Royal Society of Chemistry's School's Analyst Competition

Three of our 6th Form students, Kimlam Nguyen, Uzair Dadabhai and Sulayman Tabassam performed extremely well at the recent Royal Society of Chemistry's School's Analyst Competition held at UCLAN.

The competition was two-fold, with an individual theory test in the morning followed by a group practical task lasting three hours.  

It was announced in the final ceremony that three students (out of the forty-eight competing) had scored the equal top mark.

Kimlam and two other students were pulled to the front of the lecture theatre for a grand head to head.  They were shown a skeletal structure of an advanced level organic molecule and asked to calculate the relative molecular mass as quickly possible (no calculator allowed).  One very quickly answered incorrectly and the other two were told whomever was closest would win; Kimlam's response was spot on and he received the prize for the individual competition, receiving a £10 gift card.

The team thoroughly enjoyed the day and whilst they were not placed in the top three of the team practical event, they found the event invaluable and gained a huge amount of experience from it, as well as an insight into university life.

Well done to all three!