Old Blackburnians' Annual Football MatchES

Old Blackburnians' Annual Football matches this year are on Saturday 16th December at 10.00am at Lammack. Get your teams together or just come down for some exercise, food and fun. It would be great to see you all!

General News

House Singing Competition

Monday, 10th July 2017 was the House Singing Competition in School.  House staff were given a morning to prepare their performances and the pupils showed that they can make rapid progress with tight deadlines!

Miss Berry’s music staff moved between the Houses to offer expert advice and there was choreography and even some enthusiastic staff participation (particularly from Mr Conefrey and Mr Ventress).

The song choice ranged from choruses from ‘Les Mis’ to number ones from ‘The Spice Girls’.

Mrs Regina Arkwright was kind enough to come in and judge the competition and prior to making a rapid exit from the building, announced Grenville as the winners for their version of a song by Oasis.

This is the second year that Grenville have won the event; Grenville 2-the other Houses-Nil!

 Well done to all who took part.

House Singing Comp GrenvilleWinners

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