Sports Awards Presentation Evening 2018

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General News

Linguistics Olympiad 2018

We have a number of very talented linguists in Year 9 who participated in the Junior Olympiad.  They worked very well in their teams to solve the linguistic problems and there were lots of interesting debates to be heard while pupils were discussing their final answers.  There were a number of challenging problems including Bulgarian and Lithuathian – Mrs Lapinskas will enjoy marking the responses!

Fourteen of our Year 11 pupils also took part in the Senior Linguistic Olympiad which tested their deduction skills in some extremely obscure languages, such as Manke spoken across a range of West African nations and a Northern and Central Pame, a distinct language spoken in Mexico.  In addition, there were more well known yet still less commonly spoken languages which included Albanian, Vietnamese and Icelandic. Well done to our pupils for tackling this very challenging tasks. Results will be published soon.