Come and Celebrate With Us

~~~Sports Awards Evening~~~

Wednesday 26th April at Ewood Park

Tickets £13 available from any member of the PE Staff

This is always a popular event so book your place early!

General News

Law Day for Year 12 & 13 Students

Mr Taylor (Head of Careers) took nine Y12/13 students - Juwairiyyah Mubarak, Sana Ahmed, Haarith Mulla, Alistair Gordon, Naeem Ahmed, Samee Khan, Samira Rahman, Marriam Ali and Sebastian Lilley, who are all potential law students, for a day at Westholme School run by Lancaster University’s Law Depa...

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Gymnastic Fantastic

Year 7 pupil Dan Eardley started gymnastics at the age of 5 and although he showed a natural ability, he was reluctant to take part in club competitions, preferring instead to do it for fun.......... how things have changed!!

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BIMMU Presentation for Years 9 to 13

The British & Irish Modern Music University delivered an exciting presentation to Year 9-13 music students this week to inform them about all the different career opportunities in the Music Industry.  BIMM offers degree courses in Music Performance and Music Sound Engineering and Production. One of...

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Professor Winston Lecture : Modifying Humans

Students from Years 12 and 13 attended a lecture by renowned researcher and broadcaster, Professor Robert Winston at King George's Hall, Blackburn on 16 November.

The Lecture was a fascinating look into how medical technology and improvements have influenced mankind; sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

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