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Good reason to celebrate

Students and staff at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School were celebrating this morning as students collected their A-level results.

Results have increased significantly this year and this is a substantial achievement given the increased difficulty in several reformed A-level subjects. In particular percentage of students achieving A* and A grades increased by 5%, an achievement of which our students and staff thoroughly deserve due to all of their hard work.

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Increases in attainment were seen across all measures and we are delighted that we have students going to University to read the most competitive courses including Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Mathematics and Veterinary Science. Students will be attending a wide geographical range of Universities including Bristol University, Hull University, Lancaster University, Loughborough University, Manchester University and St Andrews University with one student even travelling to the University of Bulgaria.

Overall students achieved a 5% increase in the numbers of A* and A grades, a 5% increase in A* - C grades and a 3% increase in A* - B grades compared to 2016. 21% of grades were A* or A and 16% of students achieved a set of grades of at least AAB, a remarkable achievement as the School only offers a set of the most traditional and rigorous subjects.

Of the 19 subjects that sat examinations this year, 16 had 100% pass rate including Art, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, Geography, Physics and Spanish.

Mrs Claire Gammon, Head, was delighted with the results. 

“To see a 5% increase in A*-A grades and A*-C grades alongside a 3% increase in A*-B grades is an achievement that is something of which to be proud. The students and staff thoroughly deserve this success as everyone has worked extremely hard. I am delighted that the vast majority of subjects (16 out of 19) have achieved a 100% pass rate and obtaining 21% A* and A grades is a fantastic achievement”

 “I would like to congratulate all the students on their hard work and dedication and wish them well in the future as they move onto their University courses.”

Specific mention must be given to:

A-level Art, Biology, Geography and Physical Education which saw 33% or more of students gain A*-A grades, with A-level Chemistry and Psychology gaining 26% and 25% A* and A grades respectively.

A-level Art, French, Geography and Music which saw 67% or more students gain A*-B grades, with A-level Classical Civilisation, Economics and English Language and Literature gaining 55% or more A*-B grades.

A-level English Language and Literature, Latin, Music and Physical Education which saw 100% of students gain A*-C grades.

Enrolment for September 2017 entry takes place on Thursday 24h August  and Friday 25th August  at School Reception from 09.30.