Sports Awards Presentation Evening 2018

Held on Wednesday 25th April at Blackburn Rovers Football Club. Get your tickets now from any PE member of staff!


Our school has a long-standing and deserved reputation for the quality of its sports provision and for playing sport both competitively and fairly.

There are many instances of pupils going on from this school to play sport professionally and at the highest level; in football, cricket, golf, netball, rugby, swimming and even croquet. But the school also stresses the benefits to health and well-being of “sport for all” and aims to allow all pupils to enjoy physical activity and develop and enhance their skills as individuals and as team players in all sporting endeavours.

QEGS pupils benefit from excellent sports facilities and the school’s Playing Fields at Lammack are a hive of activity and sporting encouragement most Saturday mornings. The Saturday fixture list is something to be envied at a time when some schools are struggling to maintain provision of weekend sport and, in some cases, even to retain their school playing fields.

The dedication of QEGS staff in encouraging a love of sport and then developing individual talents and team ethics is second to none.

This translates into high standards on the playing field, court, course or pool and a recognition of the role sport has to play, alongside academic achievement, in helping boys and girls appreciate a healthy lifestyle, in an environment of healthy competition.

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